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Living Life Apparel LLC

Black Culture Hoodie

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400 GSM fleece


Stay true to size for an oversized fit

Size down for a slimmer fit

80% Cotton 20% Polyester 

Unisex Fit 



When the CEO created this hoodie, she was thinking of who she used to be and who she’d become. Each color she used wasn’t because it look good together but it represented & helped define the trials and tribulations of growth. The green representing new beginnings & abundance, the blue for loyalty, the yellow for opportunity, the pink for love, the orange for independence, the purple for spirituality & imagination, the red for courage & energy & the white for simplicity. She put this on a black hoodie because the color black represents mystery, power & protection. Every human being is a mystery that desires power & deserves protection. The safety pins in the hood symbolizes every mistake while chasing her dreams & having to stitch things up but keep moving forward while learning from those mistakes.


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